"Well, I made the pizza from Mix #5 and it was great. I served it to our family and everyone gasped when I ate it too. They thought is was wheat! Now I don't have to make double stuff. Love the system of mixes that go together to make anything I want. And the fact that they have nutrition added is a real plus for me.  Pretty reasonable too for what is in it." Joy B. North Carolina


"Just wanted to write to you and say I love that your flours taste so good in my baking. They work right and let me bake from scratch again." Pamela W. New York City


Hi, Just letting you know that I finally tried the pasta flour (Fine Flour Mix #3) and it worked far better than my expectations.  It was fast, easy and delicious.  I was in a hurry, so I just rolled it out and sliced it into Fettuccini. I made half a batch and it still made enough pasta for four servings, so Janet and I will be eating it again tomorrow. Thanks again. You sure have brightened up my life." Brian G.  (Mix #3 also makes great cake and is used as a dusting mix)


Bread, artisan bread and buns, that's what I like!  Your sprouted brown bread (Mix #6) is delicious. I use your mix as a base now that I have mastered the easy starter recipes. I add caraway seeds, I play with adding your whole grain Mix #4, that is really good, and as I can have gluten free oats, I add some of those to it sometimes. Thank you, please tell me you are going to keep going... I know what it is like when you start up a small business out of love like you did, but now you have me hooked, so please, please keep up the good work. Trina, you told me you have more ideas coming, let me know, my tummy is ready!" Carol C. Toronto


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Gluten Free E-Cookbook for Astoria Mills enriched baking mixes

Astoria Mills Gluten Free Cooking & Baking System,

New edition of our cookbook will be available soon!  with many  Delicious recipes using Astoria Mills mixes.Gluten Free Cookbook


  • Contains step by step easy intructions

  • Lots of color photographs

  • Save on your computer, use on your mobile device or print a copy to use in your kitchen.

Recipes for mixes are on back labels, and on individual mix - Pages on this website. This e-Cookbook contains many more. You can also see updates and recent recipes on Trina's Blog.

With a set of Astoria Mills gluten free baking mixes in your kitchen ...you can feel good and enjoy all your favorite foods again!

Table of Contents

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